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Friday, July 23, 2004
HEALING - Dealing with MY DAD'S DEATH 11/4/1996

As I was packing and going through my things, I came across an old journal. Below are a few of my thoughts. This entry is approximately 7 months after my father's death.

Let's see, where should I begin. As the days go by, I'm trying to cope with the facts of life. If you live, there will be death. It's like I was living in a totally different world before. Now it all seems unreal.

How do you face the pain, so you can live again? It's difficult.

I'm having difficulty coping so how can I help my brother John. It still seems like it was yesterday, when it's actually been 7 months. Will I ever stop counting the time?

Reading the Bible daily  has brought me much comfort.

Sometimes I wonder what my future holds. But then it's best that I don't know.

I got a promotion and I know my Dad would have been proud of me.

It just seems so strange, without him here. I guess I took him for granted. Believing he would always be here. However, an angel warned me last summer to stop because I didn't know how long my Dad would be here. It warned me 2x--the second time was in August. Part of me re-acted, but another part didn't.

Right now, I'm only bringing up negative stuff. But there were some good times. My project for myself is to sit back and try to remember the good times.

I pray to God that we had some good memories.
Signing off now. Peace SMG 5-31-97

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