Life has two rules: number 1, Never quit!; number 2, Always remember rule number 1 ~Duke Ellington
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Thursday, November 09, 2006

November News - Shelia Goes Cyber

"You can't afford to let people or circumstances
drive you crazy. Instead, be driven to stay in peace
instead of falling to pieces. Stay in your own lane
of purpose, dreams and hope. Carry your own map and
allow the Lord to be your navigator
~ Jewel Diamond Taylor

I have some great news to share. Not only will my book
My Invisible Husband be on the shelves in December but
it will also be available in hardcover at

Chat LIVE with me as I make several stops online.
November 12, 2006 The Writers Life Chats 7 p.m. est/6 p.m. cst
November 17, 2006 Romance Reviews Today Chat 9 p.m. cst/7 p.m. pst
November 27, 2006 Romance Studios Chat 9 p.m. est/8 p.m. cst

Party with a Purpose - I will have an ONLINE PARTY
on December 5th to celebrate my book release. Check back to see
where on December 1st.

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