Life has two rules: number 1, Never quit!; number 2, Always remember rule number 1 ~Duke Ellington
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Sunday, February 22, 2004
OUR LITTLE BLACK HISTORY MOMENT is what I will title this entry.

Yesterday, 5 other AA authors participated in a book signing at Borders in Dallas (Richardson), TX.
It was an interesting day...sales were low...but overall it was entertaining.

This little old white lady came to the table and said something like "This is your month" and she went on to say "I saw yall on TV."

I have to say my fellow authors had class, because we were like.."no this woman didn't just say what we thought she said."

Only thing I could say was..."at least she didnt' call us coloreds."

But sad to say that in 2004 people still have that same mentality and she probably didn't know she was being rude for making those comments.

Well the little old white lady was my 2004 Black History moment...she made it unforgettable.
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Thursday, February 19, 2004
It's been a few weeks since I last post. I'll type freehand...whatever comes out, I'll let it flow :).

I received an early Valentine's Day present a picture/video Nokia phone. I've been taking pictures like crazy. I'm sure family and friends don't want to know about how much snow or as of now lack of snow is on the ground.

Speaking of snow...we had a Winter Blast Fri Feb 13/Sat Feb was pretty and nice...but it didn't last was all gone in one day. That's what I love about the day it's cold, the next-warm.

Yesterday, I completed the first draft for my suspense movie. It's good, but I need to go make sure I left enough clues, yet didn't give the plot away...I need to change the ending and give it more of a bang...I thought of another ending last night...leaves it open for a sequel :)

I had an interview at Miami-Dade County about 2 weeks ago, but I haven't heard anything from them yet. I have an interview with another company next week.

Something funny just happened. I called someone from my home phone which is in one area code and they didn't answer their phone. But when I called them from my cell phone which area code is in another state, they answered. Were they trying to tell me they really didn't want to talk to me. I must add, they said they would have to call me back and which number should they call me back why are they playing the cat and mouse game...They need something from me, but they want to play games...I haven't signed a contract with them yet. Hmm...Decisions...Decisions.

We went and looked at some cars today. The corvette is a SMOOTH CAR...but there's nothing like that BMW...not Black Male Working (but I like that too).
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Tuesday, February 03, 2004
I must be on the right path, because the adversary is really after me right now...I have on my armor and IN THE NAME OF JESUS, I REBUKE...I WILL NOT ALLOW THE PEOPLE BEING USED TO TAINT ME.
Ok..hopefully this will be the last of the RECRUITER saga.

This is the email I just sent to the recruiter (responding to the many calls and emails). The reason why I finally decided to answer her email because the Pres of the company left me a message saying he wanted to confirm the this Bat no good and well (sista girl talking) that I didn't agree to their terms.


I have not agreed to take the assignment and actually told you "no" in an email I sent on yesterday.

My personal business is just that so I will not go into more details about it. There are too many factors that are not in my favor and again, I "decline" due to too many issues.


Out of fairness to the client and myself, I do not feel like I'm the best candidate for the job.

Thank you.
Okay, I thought I was through posting for today. This is unheard of.

The recruiter emailed me.

"President of our Company would like to talk to you. Appreciate if you'd call him up."

The phone number she has will be disconnected on Wednesday, so she can talk to the telco recording

But yet no one is agreeing to pay my expenses. End of story. No more communication needed. Actually at this point, if they did agree to pay expenses, I wouldn't take it. Their tactics to me are unprofessional and when it came down to getting paid, I would probably have to flip the script and harass them to get my money.

Again, they need to find another sucker.
"What part of "pay my expenses" do you not understand? As bad as a sista needs a regular gig, she will not be suckered into taking a job clear on the otherside of the US just to say she has a regular job.

I have a recruiter harassing me to take a job in Baltimore but they don't want to pay the expenses and quite honestly I can't afford to take the assignment unless they do. She keeps saying we'll work with you (but we'll take it out of your check)...which means for every week I work, the next week I would be working for free. She has been blowing my phone and email box UP (we went to the movies last night and I saw she had called around 9:30...the phone is unplugged right now)...I've told her NO unless they foot the bill, but NOT ONCE has she AGREED to do that. I wonder if I can report her for harassment. lol
She's only concerned about her commission, not about me because the company really wants me and she keeps saying YOU'VE EMBARASSED ME.
I want to say B*&^& please, but I won't (only think
Anyway, I just thought it was funny. She's cussing me out probably as I type.
She needs to find another sucker. What she don't know is, my bread and butter comes from the Lord and he will provide me with an opportunity that is RIGHT FOR ME.

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Sunday, February 01, 2004
I've been relaxing all weekend, watching movies and reading. I'm reading Dark Alchemy by Sarah Lovett. It's a suspense novel. I hope to finish it before going to bed tonight.

The sermon today was about Waiting on God and Being in the Will of God. Patience is something else and once again this message came right on time. Personally, everytime I step in and try to handle a situation myself, I make it worse.

The Superbowl is on and although I don't care for football, I turned it on to watch the half-time show. Well, so I thought; because the only people I see are commentaries going over the 1st half of the game. Now if I wanted to see the 1st half, I would have watched it. Duh.

Let me get back to reading my book.

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