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Saturday, May 29, 2004
Will the Faithful Man Please Stand Up

Go to any beauty shop or any place where there are a lot of women and you will hear conversations about hearts being broken because they caught their man cheating.

Is it difficult for a man to be faithful?
I don’t think so. If a woman can commit to one man, than I don’t see why a man can’t live up to his commitment. Women have bought in to the saying “boys will be boys” for too long.

We have to hold men accountable for their actions. An affair or fling doesn’t “just happen.” The man has to put himself in the situation for “IT” to happen.

Yes, there is a “point of no return.” But why are some men allowing themselves to get to that point. They are faced with choices before getting to the “point of no return.” So if they honestly do not want to cheat, take the chance of jeopardizing their relationship, they will not allow it to get to that point. Get the point J.

I’m not dogging out men, so if you’re reading this article, please don’t think that I am.
I’m actually giving you guys more credit than you’ve gotten in the past. I know there are men who are as faithful to their women as we are to our men.

So will the faithful men please stand up!!! Stand up and let women know that there is indeed still good men out there.

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