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Sunday, February 22, 2004
OUR LITTLE BLACK HISTORY MOMENT is what I will title this entry.

Yesterday, 5 other AA authors participated in a book signing at Borders in Dallas (Richardson), TX.
It was an interesting day...sales were low...but overall it was entertaining.

This little old white lady came to the table and said something like "This is your month" and she went on to say "I saw yall on TV."

I have to say my fellow authors had class, because we were like.."no this woman didn't just say what we thought she said."

Only thing I could say was..."at least she didnt' call us coloreds."

But sad to say that in 2004 people still have that same mentality and she probably didn't know she was being rude for making those comments.

Well the little old white lady was my 2004 Black History moment...she made it unforgettable.

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