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Saturday, June 19, 2004

Just when I was getting ready to do a full out book promotion, I got hit with a computer virus that has left me out of commission for the past two weeks. Fortunately I saved most of my documents to disk...but the things I worked on during that particular week are forever lost.

These people who are creating these viruses need to be dealt with...the common folk such as myself are the ones sufferring. On top of that, my a/c went out at the house. I'm in Texas and y'all it's HOTTTTT here, so you know first priority is getting the air back on.
As much as I want my laptop fixed, A/C is a necessity. Hopefully by this time next week, me and old faithful (my laptop) will be back in business.

I've been using the computers at the library and a local University. Although I can't do a lot of things, I'm greatful for being able to at least check email and make changes to my manuscript.

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