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Tuesday, February 03, 2004
"What part of "pay my expenses" do you not understand? As bad as a sista needs a regular gig, she will not be suckered into taking a job clear on the otherside of the US just to say she has a regular job.

I have a recruiter harassing me to take a job in Baltimore but they don't want to pay the expenses and quite honestly I can't afford to take the assignment unless they do. She keeps saying we'll work with you (but we'll take it out of your check)...which means for every week I work, the next week I would be working for free. She has been blowing my phone and email box UP (we went to the movies last night and I saw she had called around 9:30...the phone is unplugged right now)...I've told her NO unless they foot the bill, but NOT ONCE has she AGREED to do that. I wonder if I can report her for harassment. lol
She's only concerned about her commission, not about me because the company really wants me and she keeps saying YOU'VE EMBARASSED ME.
I want to say B*&^& please, but I won't (only think
Anyway, I just thought it was funny. She's cussing me out probably as I type.
She needs to find another sucker. What she don't know is, my bread and butter comes from the Lord and he will provide me with an opportunity that is RIGHT FOR ME.

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