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Thursday, January 22, 2004
Today has been interesting. I went to this orientation that resulted in NOTHING. I was told I needed one more document. A document they failed to mention 3 weeks ago. A document they failed to mention the countless times I've called. The situation is FRUSTRATING to say the least. Apparently this particular opportunity is not for me. It shouldn't be this difficult. When I worked for the hwy patrol I didn't have to go through that much b.s. Anyway. I got my car back and it looks GOOD. They actually fixed something "they weren't suppose to." I'm greatful for it.

I've only written 1 page today. Just hadn't been too productive with trying to find a full time gig and things. I have an online chat tonight about The Honeywell, so I need to get off this computer and do somethings before 7.

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