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Sunday, January 18, 2004
I have to say today's sermon was directed at ME. The subject was FRUSTRATED BY A FOOL. And Lord knows this past week, this has been my case. God is amazing. Everything the pastor preached about was EXACTLY what has been going on in my life these past few days or weeks for that matter. One thing imparticular, I remember him saying is sometimes we assume people will do good by us...or how did he put it...they also apply the FAIR GAME PRINCIPLES. Sometimes my expectations lead to my frustrations when the person I'm dealing with decides to be selfish, etc.

I must stop being FRUSTRATED BY A FOOL. Because if he was smart, he wouldn't be frustrating me in the first place.

I spent the majority of Saturday by myself and enjoyed my "me time." It was great and refreshing. My Saturday night plans got changed. My significant other surprised me and changed his plans. It must have been divine intervention, because my original plans were to just hang out with friends without him. I was determined to have a good time regardless. But we celebrated his birthday a day early and had fun with some friends.

I didn't read anything but my scriptures today. I still need to read The Honeywell by Thursday. Once I pick it up, I'll finish it. When a book is good, it is so hard to put down...know what I

I'm in cyberspace checking email, surfing the net...just goofing off. Something I haven't done in awhile. I love the net, but dang, can somebody do something about those darn POP-UPS...I got a pop-up blocker that works when it wants to work.

Let me get back to chatting with my cousin.
Peace Until Next Time.

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