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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Hurricane Rita swept through leaving many without electric

Including people in my community. After Hurricane Katrina, many of us set glued to the TV set to see which path Hurricane Rita would go. As friends and family evacuated and headed up north, the news reported that it would sweep across my state. Only thing we could do was pray. Saturday morning many were without electric (us included). Three days, still no electric. As of today, however we do have electric. Our minor inconvenience still doesn't compare to what others have gone through...we didn't lose our houses or our lives. In fact, it allowed the neighbors to take time out to really talk...instead of the quick "hi" and "bye" you would normally get while exiting and/or entering the house or car. As a wise woman said (my mom), what makes us so special that we couldn't be inconvenienced. Life is too short and although I was dealing with 100 degree weather and no electric for three days, I feel blessed. God spared my life and those around me. Tornadoes touched down in various places, some places were flooded, and many trees fell, but we were spared.

Blogger Stacy-Deanne said...
Tell me about it, Sheila. We were mostly worried about how the actual storm would harm Houston but it wasn't Rita that caused the problems here the most it was that the power just shut off. I don't even believe it had anything to do with Rita because so many people in Houston lost power hours before the storm was even close. We lost power for a day and a half and it was miserable because Houston heat can kill you. My aunt lost power for three days. I think Texas was having a hugh outage despite Rita. Thank goodness Rita wasn't bad where I live. We got heavy wind but no rain. That was a blessing. One of the many reasons I love Houston.  

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