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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

KaTrina - Her Lasting Impression

Thanks to everyone who were concerned I was in harms way. I wasn't directly affected by the storm because I'm in North Louisiana.

After monitoring the news and talking to my friends in South Louisiana off and on all day on Monday, I thought the worse was over.

I woke up in tears...I left CNN on last night when I went to bed and each time I woke up, I could hear about the heart broke when a teary-eyed Black man said, "I was holding on to my wife and she told me you can't hold on forever. Tell the kids I love them." She floated away. Even the newscaster couldn't control their emotions.

The reports of people screaming for help last night and nobody being able to get to them...the New Orleans mayor announcement that 80 percent of the city is under water...all of it makes my heart heavy.

I talked to all of my friends in the area, but there's one friend that I haven't talked to. After trying to get through on the phone lines yesterday (which took forever), I got their voice mail. I called again at 6 am this morning and got their voice mail. I left another message begging them to call me.

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