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Saturday, February 05, 2005
I made a list of goals/aspirations on January 1st. I'm on target with some and others I need to get busy working on.
When it comes to my freelance work, my goal is to sell a few articles/poems/short stories and thus far I'm on target...2 in the last 2 months is good in my book.
In January, I launched a 10-week online novel series--UnAuthorized. I wanted to try something different and quite frankly I'm glad I did. I've had fun writing it and who knows where this story may lead. Rachel and Michael may be around for awhile:) I might call it the Un-series.
I was excited to sign this contract. I wanted to shout to the world -- somebody else finally believes in this vision of mine...but they will soon see for right now, I'm just content and being patient. I'm going to write my butt off and do whatever it takes to make it work out. Success is the only option.
I was fortunate to get an assignment to write about my home city--after writing it, I was like "wow" this place really does have a lot to offer. Funny how you can live in a place half your life and not realize the hidden treasures that only visitors see. I would love to write more articles like that though on places I've visited. I would love to get a job for a travel company and go to exotic places and come back and write brochures, etc...Okay back to reality...I look forward to where I can live a good life solely from writing--novels; scripts; just because.

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