Life has two rules: number 1, Never quit!; number 2, Always remember rule number 1 ~Duke Ellington
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Thursday, January 15, 2004
Today is a new day and it's going to be a great day.

I'm determined to work on this script NO MATTER WHAT. I'm having to push the issues that are going on in my personal life to the side, so I can do what I was ordained to do and that's WRITE.

It seems when you're trying to do right, the adversary is right there to try to discourage you. I'm having to put on the full armor, because that's the only way I'll be able to conquer it.

I just finished going through my email. I like to respond to people within at least a day or less if possible. After I write this entry, I'll be writing.

Yolanda, Jacqu and Glenys have been sending me encouraging words to help me through this bleak period of my life. I'm having to read their emails over and over, but the more positive things you read and say, it becomes a part of your psyche. Right.

One of my favorite shows is on THE VIEW. I got a little distracted for a moment, because they are interviewing Alec Baldwin. That's a sexy man...I'm thinking about using some of his attributes for one of my characters.

Today is the day that I write at least 10 pages.
Today is the day that I will take care of SHELIA.
Today is the day that I will continue to press on inspite of the situation.
Today is a GOOD DAY.

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