Life has two rules: number 1, Never quit!; number 2, Always remember rule number 1 ~Duke Ellington
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Friday, January 16, 2004
V.A. if you read my post today, I want to thank you for the great idea you gave me earlier. My mind is spinning with ideas. many possibilities and it hasn't been done yet. If I can get it jumpstarted, I can't even take the credit, because you suggested it. I'm glad to have such a "genius" for a friend. Yes, I'm smoozing...because you know I'll probably need some

P.S. - Thanks for listening to a sista. It helps to get a male perspective on things. You're one of the good ones and I know the lady of your dreams awaits you out there somewhere. So KEEP HOPE ALIVE!!!

Okay. I'm out for real this time.

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