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Tuesday, January 13, 2004
It's me again. This time I'll get a little more personal.
Sometimes I wonder why certain things happen in my life. I try to take the good with the bad, but lately so many bad things have happened. If it wasn't for my faith in the Almighty God, I know I would just lose my mind over here as I struggle to make it on a writer's budget. Yes, I got hit with the "lay-off bug."

The telecommunications industry is supposedly picking back up, but in reality, I don't see it. Or is it because so many of us got laid off and are applying for the same jobs? I've tried temp jobs. Most say I'm overqualified. Well duh? I know that. If I didn't want the job, I wouldn't have applied. I tell you. Some people.

If I wanted to work on the east coast, I would be working. I'm a southern girl and not that I don't love my east coast peeps (I love yall), I just like the comfort of the south (no snow...hee hee). But I will never say never. Before I have to make the decision to sell my house and move to the East, I pray I have a book deal and/or a job in the south (smile).

On the positive side, I've been able to write some stories during this time. So when I'm accepting that award, I want to thank XYZ company for laying me off. I want to thank XYZ for that nice severance package that allowed me time to find another job ( that's


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