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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Happy Birthday Baby Boy

This post is a tribute to my baby brother. He turned 23 on June 29th. I can credit him and my other brother for introducing me to the new sound of hip-hop; otherwise I would not be "in the know." I'm from the old school, where Run DMC, Whodini, Salt N Pepa, Rob Base, etc were hot when I was in school.

Some of my friends are surprised that I listen to hip-hop; but with anything else, I can't say I like ALL hip-hop, but there's enough out there for me to enjoy it. My brother is the one who hipped me to Mike Jones. I was listening to him before he became popular. Now I can't turn on the XM radio without hearing one of his songs.

Anyway, I got a chance to spend time with my Baby Brother (who wish I wouldn't call him that) over the weekend. He's a grown man (over 6' 2") so why do I still see him as this little boy I want to protect?

I remember growing up as a teenager and having to babysit. How I wished my little brothers would grow wings and go away, because I had better things to do...i.e., talk on the phone uninterrupted, go to the park or mall with my friends, etc.
I used to think he was a spoiled brat (which he was spoiled, just wasn't a brat).

Memories...well I hope and pray that he enjoyed our company on his birthday weekend. I know I enjoyed his.

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