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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

A Poetry Blast from the Past

The Poetic Flava Family is what we called ourselves. It's been awhile since we collaborated. This was a poem on one of my old websites. I miss writing with the twins. Funny how we let time slip on by. Maybe they'll see this blog and contact me.

Broken Promises
by Shelia M Goss and Miguel A Wilder
Can you feel the pain, your broken promises have caused?
If lying was a felony, you would have broken the law.
Can you see the agony your broken promises has put me through?
My heart is like a child’s skinned knee, bruised, bloody, and raw.
You promise to make it up to me somehow and someday.
However, tomorrow never comes and someday is so far away.
My heart is now as broken as your promises. Why can't you keep it real?
Can you please, for once, stop, and think of how I feel?
I gave you my heart with the promise of your love.
You took my loving heart and erased all of the trust.
I thought you truly loved me. What was I thinking of?
I must have mistook your love for lust.
When all is said and done and you’ve gone your merry way;
Remember the way you treated me, will come back on you someday.
You will find heartache in any other love you seek.
You'll feel every ounce of pain you've put me through, until it makes
you weak.
Now you want to act concerned as I walk towards the door,
Why are you crying and what are you begging for?
You're going to be sorry when I'm gone, but I must do for me, and my
life will carry on.
I will make it dispite all your doubting Thomas’s. There is life after
broken promises.
As I come to a close, I have one more thing to say.
If the truth be told, I don’t think I loved you anyway.
I loved who you used to be, but now you're someone else.
I'm now also guilty of broken promises, the ones made to myself.
copyright 1998 by Shelia M. Goss and Miguel A Wilder

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