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Thursday, April 28, 2005

R & B Singer Nivea is back with Complicated

R & B singer Nivea was jovial and displayed a great sense of humor during the course of our interview. Some of her past hits were “Laundromat” and “Don’t Mess with My Man.” It’s been more than a hot minute since Nivea’s had a new release, but she’s back and this CD, COMPLICATED, is better than her first one.

Nivea has worked with some heavy hitters on this CD, from Lil’ John, R Kelly, to her husband/producer “The Dream.” The first single, “Okay” features the King of Crunk, Lil’ John, and has gotten a lot of airplay. It has become the unofficial “Ladies Anthem,” Nivea added. As a listener, it’s hard not to bop your head when you hear it.

If you're interested in the interview, please contact me directly at

Nivea’s sophomore release—COMPLICATED hit stores on May 3RD.

Check back next week when I post a contest sponsored by Nivea, as she celebrates her new release.

Blogger princessdominique said...
I'd love to see the interview. She looks gorgeous on her cover.  

Blogger Shelia said...
Princess Dominique check your email. I love the cover too...looks classy.  

Blogger Peggy said...
I'd like to read the interview also. Plus, the contest sounds great!  

Blogger Shelia said...
Peggy, I'll contact you. Thanks  

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