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Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Today is my grandfather's birthday. He's lived through a lot but yet finds joy in the simple things of life. One thing's for sure,there's no guessing with him, because he's never been one to bite his tongue. He'll tell you exactly what's on his mind.

He's the man I most admire. I have always been able to depend on him for his honesty and words of encouragement. His sense of humor is priceless. He's what some would call a good storyteller. I love to sit around and listen to him tell stories of the "old days." He's "walking history."

Him and my grandmother have been married for umpteen years (I can't remember exactly...but it's been over 50 years). I don't see how. I can't even make it down the aisle But seriously, if they can do it, whenever I do grace the aisles to greet my groom, I hope to be able to see just as many.

Happy Birthday Big Daddy...and many more.

Blogger princessdominique said...
50+ years is a long time. True love is infinite.  

Blogger Shelia said...
They can honestly say they have been with each other through thick and thin.  

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