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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The Best and Worse

The Winter:
Best: Love how folks seem happy during the Christmas/New Year Holidays
Worse: Lack of sunshine.

Best: Freedom to make my own schedule
Worse: Not enough to pay for that cruise just yet.

Best: I enjoy spending time with my immediate family.
Worse: The family that's not so immediate.

Your space:
Best: No one bothers my stuff in my space.
Worse: When my space is only a small part of a room.

Best: Shopping until I drop
Worse: Not being able to get the perfect purse that matches the perfect outfit that would be just perfect with the perfect pair of shoes.

Best: Men can be fun, adventurous and great to have around.
Worse: Men can also lie and play games.

Best: My niece and nephews.
Worse: Wanting to use auntie's computer when she's using it.

Best: I love the summer.
Worse: Don't let the AC go out and it's 100 plus degrees outside.

Best: Best sleeping weather
Worse: When I have to drive in it and watch crazy drivers because they are driving like it's dry outside.

Going out:
Best: Love it when hanging out with the right people.
Worse: Don't like it when I'm out with the wrong person.

Best: Freedom to go where I want when I want to without depending on someone else.
Worse: Keeping up with the high gas prices.

Best: Like to wear it.
Worse: One snare and you might as well throw the item away.

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