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Friday, November 25, 2005

Fight breaks out on Black Friday at Shreveport Circuit City

Several fights broke out at a Shreveport Circuity City.

As I embarked on running errands this morning, imagine my surprise as I'm driving along that the local radio station mentions several fights breaking out at an area Circuit City. It got so bad from what I hear that they had to bring out the paddy wagons. By the time I made it over there around 6:30, the crowd was tame, but the media and police officers were out front and in the store keeping order.

My attitude today as I went on a shopping expedition for various items was if the item is not there when I get to the particular store, then it's not meant for me to have. For example, I went to Sears to get a comforter that was 75 percent off and they didn't have any left. When I was walking down an aisle to leave, I overheard two women discussing putting 2 comforter sets back. I stopped and asked them which size they were putting back and low in behold, it was the exact size I needed--so I walked out of Sears with a very pretty comforter set (plus I used my free $10 off gift card they gave away to the first 200 customers).

I love a sale just like the next person, but fighting over material items isn't necessary. It makes it seem like the individuals fighting are greedy. There's a time to be aggressive and a time to lean back--this is the day after Thanksgiving. You would think folks would be relaxed and enjoy a day of shopping--NOT on this Black Friday of 2005.

Blogger princessdominique said...
Its sick. People don't think. Manufacturers have tricked everybody into thinking that you don't run out and get the DAY AFTER THANKSGIVING that it'll all be gone...whatever "it" is. Sad. People need to quit it.  

Blogger Shelia said...
Girl, it's beyond sad. I witnessed a lot of stuff today that made me shake my head. People not caring how they treat others. People trying to write hot checks. The list goes on & on.  

Blogger MsJayy said...
Madness! I just don't get the whole "Black Friday" hype. I will pay full price before I let someone trample over me or my dignity. Nobody on my Christmas list needs anything that badly!  

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