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Monday, October 24, 2005

Ask Rose and Violet Question Day

Let's have some fun this week. Here's a small character breakdown of the twins. If you have read Roses are thorns, Violets are true, please chime in and tell us what you think of Rose and Violet. Do you agree with the character description?

If you had the opportunity to ask a character a question, what would you ask? Ask Rose and Violet. The responses will be shown here also. So Click on the comment button and let's have some fun.

Can you see Halle Berry playing this dual role?
Rose Purdue…Strikingly beautiful, glamorous, a DIVA, with sparkling light brown eyes, wears the latest fashions, hair is “superglam”…She’s very conceited and self-centered. She loves her family and feels that no ones understands her. She has to be the center of attention or she feels worthless.

Can you see Vivica Fox playing this dual role?
Violet Purdue…Rose’s twin sister, pretty, but more subtle, prefers to wear something simple, like a good pair of jeans, usually wears hair in a ponytail…distinctive mole on face...She was taught to be the caregiver, so she tries to “take care of everyone else’s needs” and sometimes forgets to take care of herself. As she gets older, she finally breaks out of her shyness and learns how to deal with her sister and other manipulative people.

Rose and Violet are waiting for your questions.

Blogger princessdominique said...
I would like to ask Rose if she can name 3 things she likes about her sister.  

Anonymous Rose said...
1. Her natural ability to draw people to her.
2. She's smart.
3. Her forgiving spirit.  

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