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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Writers BL----

See I can't even say the word.

Trying to juggle it all has been somewhat of a struggle lately. Here I thought I had it all under control. NOT. I knew I didn't when my 20 hour per week worth of sleep finally caught up with me--been falling asleep at the keyboards. For the first time that I can recall, I have what most writers dread--WRITER'S BLOCK.

I know why and it's because I'm tired. So to give myself a home remedy cure, I will be sleeping late on Saturday. I won't be answering the phone unless it's a dire emergency and I will relax and read a good book and watch Lifetime movies when I've slept so much that I can't sleep anymore.

If you're a writer and has experienced writer's block before, what caused it and how did you get over it?

Blogger Peggy said...
Many people will not even say the word, but I must. I had writer's, looks like I can't say it either!

I am just now coming out of it in the last three months and I am so thankful. Mine lasted for over a year (a lot of extraordinary things contributed to it though - it wasn't just the block - it was business transition problems, and stress associated with that mostly). I had and have a book I've passed two deadlines on already, but I know I'll meet the upcoming one - fortunately my publisher is flexible and understanding! (Tee Hee Hee). As the elders say: Trouble don't last always!  

Blogger Shelia said...
Peggy, thank you for sharing your experience.  

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