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Monday, May 23, 2005

Monster-in-law - The Movie

I went to see the new movie - Monster-in-law, starring Jennifer Lopez as the bride to be and Jane Fonda as the Mother in law from hell.

The movie was entertaining and hilarious. The only problem I had was the fact that I didn't write the I loved the concept. So many folks have in-laws that are hard to deal with so I applaud the writer of this movie.

I went on a date but most men might consider this a "chick flick" and they would be correct. Although the guy I was with found some of the things funny, he only went because it was a movie I wanted to see.

This movie is probably the best movie Jennifer Lopez has done in the past two years. Wanda Sykes also provides some comic relief. Wanda has a knack for making "anything" funny.

To find out more about this movie, click here:

Blogger princessdominique said...
Shelia thanks for that. People are forever trashing JLo. We have that Bronx thing going on, her and I so I wondered if the movie was as bad as they said. One reviewer in a local paper gave the movie 1 star. We like similar things you and I so I'll take your advice and see it myself. I think if it's funny I'll like it.  

Blogger Peggy said...
I want to go see the film because I did recently write a story about an inlaw from Hades and was surprised when I saw a clip with such a similar theme. Glad you enjoyed it. Plus, I'd heard some people refused to show the film because Jane was in it. She was here for a book signing recently and a vet even spit on her! I think I read something where JLo made an appeal not to trash the film just because Jane is in it.  

Blogger Shelia said...
I'm not sure if either one of you have seen the movie yet...if so, let me know what you think.  

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