Life has two rules: number 1, Never quit!; number 2, Always remember rule number 1 ~Duke Ellington
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Friday, September 01, 2006

September News

Quote for the month:
"A wise African saying teaches that around every flower
are insects. It's good to remember that you are like a
flower and as you grow, the insects (haters and critics)
will come --- you can't avoid it. Our souls and goals
flourish and bloom when planted in good soil enjoying
lots of sunshine, water, fertilizer and care. Continue
growing strong. Bloom where you are planted and
constantly weed out the negative habits and negative
people in your life." ~ Jewel Diamond Taylor

While there take a look around. I updated my

Blogger urban butterfly said...
RE: the quote.

It's so true! There's always going to be people who love you, people who hate you, and people who just don't care either way. What I don't like is when people focus too much attention on the negatives (especially successful people in the public eye). I think its important to keep your focus on your success and your work, and not on the people who are trying to pluck you down to their level.

I was watching John Hagee preach on TV this morning and he said that his mother always told him, "crows only pick at the good fruit."

It comes with the territory of being successful. Enjoy and focus on your success, and everything else will be irrelevant!

Much love and peace to you!  

Blogger ShoeGirl said...
Hi! I haven't visited in a while! I'm sorry! I'm so glad to see your new book is out. I will definitely check it out.  

Blogger Shelia said...
Thanks Urban Butterfly & Shoegirl.  

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